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Martin Aveling

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) is delighted to reveal that our dedicated Partner Artist, Martin Aveling, is November’s Artist of the Month

artist martin aveling with pencil drawing

Martin is a passionate advocate for wildlife, using his outstanding pencil artworks to champion the natural world and raise awareness for critically endangered species. 

I am delighted to be named DSWF’s Artist of the month for November. I see this as an opportunity to help shine a light on some of the conservation work being carried out by DSWF partners, and to hopefully generate some vital funds for these projects through the sale of artworks.

says Martin Aveling

Martin’s November Artist of the Month exhibition

“I have prepared a portfolio of ‘quick drawings’, each taking between one and seven hours to complete. 50% of the sale price from every drawing will go directly to conservation projects supported by DSWF.”

says Martin

Martin’s November exhibition features a cornucopia of small and large wildlife, ranging from urban critters such as squirrels, jays and robins to cheeky vervet monkeys, meerkats and fruit bats from Africa.

His pencil drawing of mega-fauna depicts some of DSWF’s cores species such as the elephant and rhino as well as Africa’s most threatened carnivore the painted dog.

Martin’s exquisite sketches are available for sale in DSWF’s online shop with 50% of the proceeds going to wildlife.

About Martin Aveling 

Martin graduated from the University of Bristol in 2004 with an honours degree in Geography but pursued a career in the arts, having grown up sketching the mountain gorillas, made famous by Dian Fossey, in the Virunga Mountains of Africa. Explore Art with Mart via his interactive Youtube channel.

Martin in Wildlife Artist of the Year

Martin has been shortlisted for DSWF’s prestigious Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition for the past 12 years. He recently, and very generously, shared his strategic tips for artists looking to do well in this global competition. 

He is passionate about the growing concept of artivisim – using art to create awareness for environmental causes, which makes him the perfect Human Impact category judge in Wildlife Artist of the Year. 

The concept of artivism is regularly reflected in Martin’s competition entries as seen with his Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020 submission ‘Koala in Pastel Pencil.’

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