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New Zealand to ban the domestic sale of ivory!

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

In a recent announcement, the government of New Zealand has decided to amend its Trade in Endangered Species Act which will effectively ban the sale of ivory (with narrow exemptions). This is a huge step forward in the international effort to protect elephants across Africa and Asia and follows the progressive steps taken by countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, China and France to close their markets. 

Acknowledging the links between domestic ivory markets and the mass slaughter of elephants (tens of thousands every year), DSWF continues to work in the international policy arena calling on all governments to close their domestic ivory markets as a matter of urgency. The recent move by New Zealand is a welcome development but we must urge other countries to follow suit!

You can help us close ivory markets and ensure a sustainable future in which humans and elephants can coexist, by donating today.

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