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Netflix movie filmed at the Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

We’re very excited to announce our ground-based conservation partners Game Rangers International – Elephant Orphanage Project (GRI – EOP). Founded by DSWF, were involved in a brand new Netflix film ‘Holiday in the Wild’ which has just been released.

The beautiful and touching story was inspired by the real life events of lead actress Kristin Davis who developed a deep connection to elephants over 12 years ago when she helped rescue an orphaned elephant in Kenya.

Watch the trailer now:

Scenes from the film set at the elephant orphanage were filmed on location at GRI-EOP in Zambia and feature the real elephants that your donations support! It’s a rare and wonderful window into life at the orphanage, and the day-to-day life of caring for the elephant calves. The film also tackles the harsh reality of poaching and how the young orphans are found by rangers, often after a traumatic start to life due to human-wildlife conflict.

Huge efforts and systems were in place to safeguard the elephants at all times and minimise their impact including a focused behaviour study, personnel and distance restrictions and international animal welfare inspectors. GRI were incredibly impressed by the crew who prioritised the elephants at all times. Plans are in place to release a feature on ‘the making of Holiday In The Wild’ soon  and we are sure everyone will be impressed with the robotic and puppet elephants used to minimise the need for filming the orphans!

We’re so proud of the incredible work GRI-EOP do to rehabilitate orphaned elephants and prepare them to re-join the wild, and this beautiful film helps bring their incredible dedication and hard work to the rest of the world.

Make sure it’s on your watchlist! We will be sharing more about the film and especially how the elephants welfare and care came throughout the entire process as lead by our long-term colleagues at GRI.

Please donate to help us continue to support GRI-EOP’s work here.

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