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Leading UK Chinese Medicine Body Supports Ban on Use of Tiger Parts in Traditional Chinese Medicine

TigerTime are calling for a total ban on the use of tigers and other endangered species in Chinese Traditional Medicine and have received welcome support from The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM). The RCHM is the UK’s leading professional association for practitioners of Chinese Medicine. It has today joined the call from TigerTime for a total ban on all trade in any tiger products from any source whatsoever.
TigerTime website has passed 30,000 signatures in just 28 days, and just two days before TigerTime campaigners are due to meet UK Foreign Office Ministers on Wednesday 21st December 2011. At the meeting, international singer Samantha Fox will lead the TigerTime delegation which will be calling on the UK Government to do more to put pressure on China to stop the trade in tiger skins and other body parts.  SIGN UP TO https://bantigertrade.com 
The primary aim of the TigerTime campaign is to save the wild tiger from extinction. There are believed to be only 3,200 wild tigers left on earth, down from 100,000 just 80 years ago. One of the main threats to the wild tiger is the licensed trade in tiger skins and body parts permitted in China. This trade is supported by the so called ‘farming’ of tigers in which hundreds of tigers are kept in ‘battery hen’ like conditions. This licensed trade stimulates demand for tiger products and provides a perfect smokescreen for the continued poaching of the last remaining wild tigers.
Emma Farrant, CEO of the RCHM said, ‘The RCHM strongly condemns the illegal trade in endangered species and has a strict policy prohibiting the use of any type of endangered species by any of our members. The protection of the tiger is of great concern to responsible practitioners of Chinese Medicine and we are pleased to give our support to David Shepherd and to his TigerTime campaign.’
David Shepherd CBE said, ‘’The RCHM is a reputable body doing great work harnessing the medicinal benefits of certain herbs and plants. We are delighted that they are joining in our condemnation of the trade in endangered species, particularly the tiger. Such a clear and outspoken stand really helps our TigerTime campaign. The truth is that so called ‘medicines’ containing tiger parts do not work – they simply lead to the death of more tigers.’
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