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Kaziranga tigers number over 125

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The all-India tiger estimation report has put the total number of tigers in the Northeast of India at 201, a significant increase from the 148 recorded in 2010. Of the 167 tigers counted in Assam, more than 125 are believed to be in  Kaziranga National Park, where TigerTiger and parent charity DSWF have worked to protect tigers for over twenty years.

“The number of tigers is definitely increasing in Kaziranga. While a park and sanctuary-wise break-up is yet to be released, that Kaziranga’s tiger population is on the rise is evident from more sightings of cubs in the current season,” Kaziranga Park Director M K Yadava said.

Altogether 18 to 20 tiger cubs have been sighted in different pockets of the national park while one male cub had to be shifted to the state zoo in Guwahati after it was separated from its mother.

“The most positive aspect of Kaziranga is that tigers are rarely targeted by poachers here,” says Park DFO S K Seal Sarma .

In contrast, Kaziranga has lost three rhinos to poachers in the current year and 27 were killed in 2014. The three tigers known to have died in Kaziranga last year died due to natural causes.

“This is very positive news for the tigers of Kaziranga ,” says DSWF CEO Sally Case. “But protecting them and the rhinos that share the park remains an ongoing, long-term commitment for  DSWF and TigerTime. Thank you to everyone whose contribution to our work has helped create this amazing news but please help us maintain tiger numbers and protect the rare one-horned rhino by continuing your support.”

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