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Help fund a dog to protect big cats

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

It may seem strange that a dog can help protect a cat but highly trained tracker dogs are doing just that – protecting precious tiger and wildlife populations in India. Find out why we need another dog and please, if you are able, donate to fund this important protection work.

The Challenge

Demand from illegal markets across the globe mean that rhinos and tigers are being poached to extinction. With its close proximity to China and Myanmar, Kaziranga National Park – the last stronghold of the Indian one-horned rhino and c.120 Bengal tigers – is a target for poachers keen to make money from this precious wildlife. With two anti-poaching dogs already in service, the third will help strengthen the team deterring poachers as well as tracking them down and gathering vital evidence.


Highly trained dogs have exceptional tracking skills and can track poachers to their hide-outs. With more poachers apprehended and prosecuted fewer will want to take the risk of getting caught.

Long-Term Impact

Preserving the biodiversity of Kaziranga is vital for the survival of this key population of wild tigers and a host of other critically endangered animals including the Indian one horned rhino, Asian elephant and Gangetic dolphin. By fostering a real understanding of the benefits that protecting this environmentally rich area can give will create a long-term, sustainable future for wildlife and local people and ensure wild tiger survival for generations to come.

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