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Global Canvas 2023 Winners

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The Global Canvas 2023 winners have been announced with attendees joining the Global Canvas Vitual Awards Ceremony from across the world. Thank you and well done to everyone who entered! The bar was set incredibly high, and you should all be very proud. 
We’re so grateful to have your support in spreading the message of conservation and turning the tide on extinction.

Global Canvas is DSWF’s annual children’s art competition for individuals and groups aged 4-16 years with age groups split 4-7 years, 8-11 years and 12-16 years. The standard was incredibly high with the creativity, variety and environmental messaging hugely inspirational. A total of 705 individual entries and 111 group entries were received spanning some 54 countries.

Michael O’Mara Books choice

Yr 4 Jones and Ma class 

Our generous sponsor Michael O’Mara Books, who have generously supported Global Canvas since 2016, chose Yr 4 Jones and Ma class as their choice. 

Individual winners (4-7 year age group)

First place: Evelyn, UK 

Second place: Kamila, Lithuania 

Third place: Chung Ka, Hong Kong

Individual winners (8-11 year age group)

First place: Vittawin, UK

Second place: Oscar, Ghana

Third place: Jonas, Lithuania

Individual winners (12-16 year age group)

First place: Dayu, Taiwan

Second place: Jay, South Korea

Third place: Qi, Canada

Group winners (4-7 year age group)

First place: Pre – Prep Thomas’s Battersea, UK

Second place: Early Year the International School of Monaco, France

Third place: Year 2 Forres Sandle Manor School, UK

Group winners (8-11 year age group)

First place: Stephenian Art Team (Elementary Group), Phillipines

Second place: Creative Enterprise Club, UK

Third place: Studio Little Hands, Thailand

Group winners (12-16 year age group)

First place: Ecovalley, USA

Second place: Combe Pafford School, UK

Third place: Campbeltown Grammar School, UK

Huge congratulations once again to our Global Canvas individual and group winners together with everyone that participated in making Global Canvas 2023 such a success. Thank you!

Global Canvas 2024 will open in July 2022 so do make sure you’ve signed up to our newsletter if you’d like to receive the latest updates.

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