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Gamers Support DSWF with New Conservation App!

A wildlife reserve in crisis, a species on the brink of extinction – only a conservation hero can save the day!

Conservation Crisis game app on a phone

You can now support DSWF by playing ‘Conservation Crisis’ – a new mobile phone app based on the challenges of real-life wildlife conservation.

The game has been developed by Tunza Games Ltd, based in Guildford, and every download will give players the option to choose to help our work.

The game started off as a successful board game, before going mobile as an app. Players have to use their limited budgets to hire rangers, support communities and restore habitat, in a race to save endangered wildlife around the globe.

“We’re a social venture with a passion for games and a desire to make a difference; designing games that are fun to play and educational, and donating a share of our revenues to charity,” said Richard Milburn of Tunza Games.

“Conservation Crisis is designed by a team with a decade of conservation experience in some of the most challenging regions of the world – it provides a unique insight into the trade-offs and difficulties faced by conservationists, offering a game that is not only great fun to play but also educational.”

DSWF’s digital marketing guru Miriam Gooch said: “This new app tackles all sorts of issues that real-life conservationists face on the ground, such as protecting wildlife, working with communities, the problems of poaching and of course funding issues.

“We are delighted that Tunza Games has chosen to support DSWF in the launch of this app – it’s a great way of inspiring future conservationists and funding our work at the same time!”

The Conservation Crisis game is free to download and available through stores on both Android and iOS platforms. For more information visit: https://www.tunzagames.com.

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