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Fundraising changes lives

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amanda butler

Long-time supporter and fundraising superstar, Amanda Butler reached an amazing milestone in 2020. Through ‘bush bingo’ and countless other endeavours, Amanda has shared her dedication for wildlife with friends and family, raising vital funds for our ground-based conservation partners to continue their work.

We caught up with Amanda about her incredible achievement, what it means to her and asked her to share her top tips for anyone looking protect our plant and help turn the tide on extinction in 2021:

What was your idea behind trying to raise £20,000?

I normally keep a fundraising total during the year and due to the success of the summer Bush Bingos, I was surprised at how much had been raised during such a challenging year.

So I then added it to my previous totals and realised that I had raised over £19,500 during the past years.

Being a teacher, I love pattern and saw that £20,000 went well with 2020.

It will be so easy to associate 2020 with all the negative things that I decided I wanted to be able to also think about 2020 with a smile and that something special had also been achieved.

How long have you been fundraising?

6 years, we started fundraising for the DSWF 30 year anniversary appeal, by driving 30 counties in 30 hours!

Why did you choose to support DSWF?

I have no real answer, up to 2014 I had just been a member. The appeal just caught my imagination and I came up with something bonkers to do.

We raised over £2,000 and it was such fun, a great buzz and the team at DSWF made us feel so welcome and appreciated.

Have you got anything planned for 2021?

Well 2020 was supposed to be a quiet year, so I should say 2021 will have to be a quiet year instead, but I already have bookings for Zoom presentations to Women’s Institute groups, stalls booked at Tewkesbury Town Hall and hopefully, a Community Art Exhibition, just for starters!

What advice do you have for people who want to start fundraising for DSWF?

  • Do something that you enjoy!
  • Start small (not that I did!!)
  • Don’t be disheartened when things don’t go to plan, that’s how you learn for next time.
  • Every penny raised is a 1p more than you started with and even if no money is collected, you will have raised awareness which is just as important.
  • You will be surprised how supportive your friends and family will be when you share your ideas with them.

Amanda, you are a true wildlife warrior and from all of us here at DSWF we cannot thank you enough for your dedication and compassion for wildlife!

Could 2021 be the year you make a difference? Start fundraising today!

Make sure to check out our free fundraising resources and support packs on how to get started, here.

Together. Today. We can turn the tide on extinction.

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