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Four live tiger cubs seized in Vietnam

In Vietnam on Tuesday 4thSeptember, police seized four live cubs from a car in the Ha Tinh province. The cubs were discovered with 118 live pangolins.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of illegally importing the animals from Laos to sell to traders. The cubs were found cramped in a small cage, but have now been handed over to forest rangers who will look into releasing them back into the wild.

Pangolins are known as scaly anteaters and are covered in large keratin scales. They are hunted and traded for their scales which are used in decoration but also hunted for bush meat and are considered a delicacy in China. Some Chinese also believe that pangolin scales contain medicinal properties.

It is likely that the tiger cubs would have entered into the pet trade due to their young age. There are only 3,200 wild tigers left in the wild today, when there were 100,000 just 60 years ago. Tigers are poached for their skin for decorative purposes and bodily parts which are used in traditional medicine in China (which has no proven medicinal properties).

The illegal trade of endangered species is booming in Vietnam. We need to stop this trade at the source and put an end to the slaughter and capture of these incredible endangered species.

This is why TigerTime funds vital field projects in India, Russia and Thailand – to protect wild tigers from poachers. We also fund undercover investigations through the Environmental Investigation Agency which looks into and cracks down on the illegal trade of endangered species.

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Written by: Chantelle M Henderson

Source: Raw Story

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