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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

With the festive season fast approaching, we thought it was an ideal time to introduce some fantastic artists who are keen to support the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. It is with great pleasure we can introduce Rachel Toll, Margie O’Brien, Hashim Akib, Marie Antoniou, Sarah Lawson, Alex Fleming and Kate Fields who have generously agreed to donate 50% of the sale price of their fabulous artworks towards conservation projects DSWF supports. Their art is varied, thrilling, diverse, of mixed media and with a wide choice of pricing – suitable for everyone looking for those unusual gifts that also save wildlife. You can browse artworks by these artists in the DSWF shop.

Rachel Toll

Rachel is a self-taught watercolour artist based in Devon who loves painting wildlife. Capturing the essence of her subjects with as few brushstrokes as possible, Rachel likes to leave much to viewer’s imagination. Rachel says “We can all feel helpless when we look at what is happening to our planet and the wildlife that shares it with us. I can paint and if that can help in some small way then at least I can feel I am doing something”.

Buy this original by Rachel in aid of conservation
Emperors by Rachel Toll

Margie O’Brien

Margie’s passion for wildlife conservation began at an early age in South Africa where she regularly visited the Kruger Park. Following a career as an art teacher, Margie divides her time between her Surrey studio and the Western Cape. Her inspiration comes from both hemispheres, developed from extensive photographic travels. Margie is keen to be involved so she can contribute towards conservation projects focused on protecting endangered species. She believes by educating and engaging with the local African and Asian communities, DSWF makes a real difference in saving numerous animal species from extinction. Margie states “I love the caring, family-minded approach of DSWF and the innovative and flexible way it is reacting to the constantly-changing demands and challenges of protecting our fragile natural world”.

Periwinkles Original by Margie O’Brien

Hashim Akib

Hashim has worked as an illustrator for over 15 years with his clients including newspapers, magazines and design agencies. Having left illustration behind, Hashim developed an interest in paintings which led to exhibiting, demonstrating and running workshops. Today he is a represented artist who has won numerous awards, is the author of ‘Vibrant Acrylics’, ‘Painting Urban and Cityscapes’ and a contributing author to Dorling Kindersley ‘Artist’s Painting Techniques’ and ‘Painting Portraits in Acrylic’. Hashim is honoured to be involved in this festival of art.

Sunlit trees by Hashim Akib

Marie Antoniou

Marie is an artist and tutor who loves painting wildlife. Her style of painting has an impressionistic approach, exploring the subject through marks and colours. As well as exhibiting with galleries, Marie has been a Finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Artist of the Year competition for the past eight years. Marie is also a contributing author on painting techniques for various art magazines and books. Marie believes DSWF gives her the opportunity and confidence that her art will have a direct impact on protecting the wildlife she loves to paint.

Cat Nap by Marie Antoniou

Sarah Lawson

Sarah is a self taught artist that specialises in colour pencil portraits and takes commission work. She finds the natural world a great source of inspiration, particularly wild animals and the ocean. She aims to give back to the animals that inspire her so much by using her art to support vital conservation projects, focusing on an individual species in each of her art works.

Hank by Sarah Lawson

Alex Fleming

Alex likes to create realistic art for a living as he enjoys the challenge. He finds the real and natural world immensely interesting, creating imagined alternatives to those more skilled in and appreciative of them. Nature covers a gamut of size, colour, personality and beauty I find worthy of anyone’s attention. With the natural world constantly changing, largely for the worse, Alex wanted to donate a portion of his wildlife sales to animal charities. The DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year competition is an immensely exciting few weeks for any shortlisted wildlife artist, so he is delighted, and quite flattered, to be involved in any additional capacity outside this period.

Groom at Noon Original by Alex Fleming

Kate Fields

Kate Fields is passionate about saving endangered species from extinction. Since graduating from the renowned School of Jewellery in Birmingham, she creates ‘miniature sculpture’ jewellery and art to help spread awareness and raise money for wildlife conservation. She loves the work that David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is doing for wildlife conservation – the combination of ground-based conservation efforts and raising awareness through art is so impactful and effective. This is also Kate’s ethos, to use art for a good cause and contribute to wildlife conservation whilst staying creative!

Katy Fields – Save The Elephant

To view artworks from these incredibly talented artists, head over to the DSWF shop.

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