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Exciting camera trap images from the field

In Russia, our project partners, The Phoenix Fund, have captured several images of Vostok the tiger.

Seen here strolling through the snow, this is the first glimpse of him since 2016! Vostock was first snapped by a camera trap on the on 2nd December 2015 aged around 3 months, and then again a year later, but until now experts thought he had left the area.

These images were captured between 20th-23rd December during a winter wildlife count in Bastak Nature Reserve – it’s exciting to see that Vostock, one of the cubs of Zolushka and Zavetny, is doing well in an area where the DSWF supported project is working to protect tigers.

The use of camera traps – remote cameras that are triggered by heat and movement – can provide important insight into tiger behaviour, range, population, and ecology; information that can be used to develop protection strategies.

Images of tigers like these of Vostock provide vital information, and importantly can be captured without interrupting natural behaviours.

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