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DSWF Team at CITES in Russia

It’s an important day for the DSWF team, attending the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) conference in Russia, as elephants take a prominent position on the agenda.

On the second day of the 70th Standing Committee in Sochi, our team will be closely following three key topics relevant to the long-term survival of African elephant populations, which are due to be brought to the floor for debate.

A collaborative DSWF team is attending the 70th Standing Committee of CITES in Sochi, Russia.

Firstly, following a report from a US environmental legal institute, the team will be supporting the observations in the report that the closure of one domestic ivory market can lead to the leakage of ivory markets from one location to another. Indirect consequences of isolated domestic ivory bans have the potential for generating new and growing markets in neighbouring countries. DSWF therefore wishes to see parties call for the closure of all domestic ivory markets globally.

Secondly, the team will be closely following an update report on poaching trends and the illegal trade.  Notable comments relating to country specific updates include the EU and Japan, which conclude that their domestic ivory markets do not contribute to the illegal killing of elephants. DSWF however stand firmly by our belief that there is no denying the link between the poaching of elephants and the existence of legal ivory markets.

Finally and following a joint financial commitment by DSWF and other NGO colleagues made last year at the same forum, combined with years of active support, we encourage parties to ensure the convention carries out on its commitment to the creation of  comprehensive guidelines on the management and destruction on ivory stocks and stockpiles.

DSWF’s species policy work is a hugely important and growing part of our work. Find out more and see how you can get involved here.

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