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Collaring Cami, Ekile and Lara

Three lions, now named Cami, Ekile and Lara, have been fitted with GPS collars as part of a DSWF funded programme to investigate and protect lion populations in two key wildlife areas in Uganda.

The lions of Uganda, like lions across Africa, are under threat and, with little known about the range and population of Uganda’s iconic cats, the collaring programme is designed to help determine the size and range of the lions and help evaluate the threats they face.

A team made up of local NGO, the Uganda Conservation Foundation and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, led by Dr. Eric with support of the Kidepo Valley Conservation Area field team, completed the collaring of the three lions and are hopeful of collaring a fourth lion soon.

“Once complete, the lion monitoring project in Kidepo and Southern Murchison, will help fill the gaps in the countrywide monitoring of lions and provide a greater understanding of their range. This data will help us provide the right protection in the right places for these vulnerable big cats,” says DSWF CEO, Oliver Smith.

We look forward to bringing you updates on Cami, Ekile and Lara over the coming months.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support this project to-date. You can find out more by clicking here For more about Africa’s lions and the threats they face click here

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Lions being collared c. UCF, UWA, KVCA

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