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China Reopens Trade in Tiger Skins


Although previously committing to end trade in the parts of Asia’s big cats, it appears China has resumed trade in tiger and leopard skins via the implementation of its 2007 Skin Registration Scheme.The Scheme allows for tiger and leopard skins from ‘legal origins’, including those from captive-bredbig cats, to be registered, labelled and sold; EIA believes this provides the perfect cover for illegal skins to be laundered and seriously undermines China’s promise to last November’s International Tiger Summit in St Petersburg by re-opening trade at a time when the rest of the world is seeking to end it.

And EIA has already discovered several examples of skins for sale online, which appear to have formal permits.

To read this article in full, please follow the link https://bit.ly/pumyO5

It is now more important than ever that everyone gets behind the tigertime campaign, please spread the word and be part of the movement to save the tiger from extinction.


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