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Chikumbi’s first walk

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

After spending some time getting to know the other orphans, the time has come for Chikumbi to take her very first walk out into the bush as part of her new family!

Rescued on the 12th August (World Elephant Day) this vulnerable elephant calf was spotted wandering alone, crying for her mother, but with the support of DSWF, she is now being rehabilitated by our ground-based conservation partners, Game Rangers International (GRI).

In the following video, Lisa Olivier, Conservation Behaviour Advisor at GRI, tells us more as Chikumbi takes this important step with her new herd. 

This is the first step in a very long journey for Chikumbi and you can help us to continue providing her and other orphan elephants with a chance of a life back in the wild by donating today: https://davidshepherd.org/donations/donate/

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