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Artist of the Month March 2021 – Natalie Mascall

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) team would like to welcome back our monthly creative initiative ‘Artist of the Month’ and to get the ball rolling for 2021 we’re delighted to be joined by DSWF Partner Wildlife Artist Natalie Mascall.

Very much in the spirit of our founder, David Shepherd, Natalie believes wildlife artists have a duty to raise awareness for the species that inspire them. Natalie is a long term and valued supporter of DSWF and has regularly been a finalist in Wildlife Artist of the Year.

“As a Wildlife Artist, I feel it is our duty to help raise awareness and to do what we can to help with conservation as I could not live without animals.

Art is an expression and I express my appreciation and love of wildlife through my drawings. When someone connects with your artwork, it is an amazing and humbling feeling that makes it all worth while. Nature never ceases to amaze me.”

Natalie Mascall’s March Artist of the Month Exhibition

Natalie’s artwork for this month captures a plethora of species, from domestic cats to wild primates, all uniquely created to reflect the intelligence and grace of each animal.

With a combination of painting and sketches, she explores how various mediums represent the different species.

View Natalie’s unique artwork in our online shop here.

About Natalie Mascall

Natalie believes that her childhood is where her inspiration for wildlife and nature began – being surrounded by animals and having an outdoor way of life. A self-taught artist, she started at a very early age. Whilst she dreamt of becoming a vet, she also realised that her artistic talent could help save endangered species. So she worked in retail raising enough funds to travel overseas, ending up in the Maldives where she fell in love with the underwater world.

Her passion grew and shaped her over the years into the woman she is today.

She has been a professional artist for over 20 years now. 

Realistic Animal Art/Drawings by Natalie Mascall S.O.F.A.
Undertaking Pet Portraits/Commissions
Website: https://www.nataliemascall.co.uk/
Email: info@nataliemascall.co.uk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nataliemascallwildlifeartist/
Contact Number: 07970215249

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