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Act today, for a better tomorrow

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Recently, we shared news about the relocation of two orphaned elephants, Ludaka and Lufutuko, from the Lilayi Elephant Nursery to the Kafue Release Facility in Zambia. This was an important step in their journey back to the wild and although both elephants are now safe and happy in their new home, the threats that they face from the outside world remain very real.   

Our ground-based conservation partners, Game Rangers International (GRI), work tirelessly to ensure a secure environment for orphans like Ludaka and Lufutuko, as well as the wild elephant herds that border the Kafue Release Facility. Their Resource Protection Programme (RPP) empowers government and community rangers to better secure Zambia’s protected wildlife areas and DSWF has worked closely with GRI to support on-the-ground park protection since its inception. 

Protecting elephants

DSWF currently provides funding for two of GRI’s Special Anti-Poaching Units (SAPU), who directly target wildlife crimes in order to disrupt poaching and trafficking networks. 

Between January and June this year, these brave men and women have:

  • Patrolled a distance of over 8,700 km
  • Apprehended 108 poachers
  • Dismantled 14 poacher camps

By providing an active presence in and around the Kafue Release Area, elephants like Ludaka and Lufutuko will have the best chance of returning to a safe environment, when they are eventually released back into the wild. 

Turning the tide on extinction

Every day, rangers put their lives on the line to protect wildlife.

Below, we’ve included a video highlighting the essential role that they play in elephant conservation.

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