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3 tiger carcasses for tiger bone paste seized in Vietnam

Tigers slaughtered to produce tiger bone paste, whatever next? Unfortunately this is the grave reality for why tigers are being slaughtered to fuel the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are using the bones of wild tigers to produce this paste which they use as a traditional pain killer. There is no scientific backing to show that any part of the tiger is beneficial to human ailments, yet so many of our wild big cats end up in this trade.

Yesterday, the Central Vietnam police confiscated three endangered wild tiger carcasses, found in a car on the way to the capital Hanoi. The police had tracked the suspect for over 12 miles and then stopped him, discovering the carcasses. A passenger in the car managed to flee, leaving the driver to be detained. The suspect stated that he was hired by an unknown man to drive the carcasses to Hanoi.

The police do not know if the tigers were killed within Vietnam or smuggled into the country. Wherever they came from, it is likely that if the tigers had not been seized they would have ended up as tiger bone paste which sells for over £600 for 100 grams.

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Written by: Chantelle M Henderson

Source: The Jakarta Post

Photo Credit: Save the tiger fund

Photo: An example of confiscated tiger bone used to make paste.

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