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107km barefoot for the tiger!

The TigerTime campaign is lucky to have so many passionate supporters, but tiger lover Jack Kinross took his backing for the campaign to a whole new level. Jack contacted TigerTime with the idea of running the 107km Sydney coastline barefoot (or at the most in flip flops) to raise awareness for our www.bantigertrade.com petition.

Jack stated “I was very much in favour of this petition. It identified the serious issue of tiger farms being a stimulus for the trade. It also called into question the Chinese government’s commitment to clamping down on the illegal trade of tiger parts.”

Although the petition hit its target milestone of 100,000 signatures ahead of time, Jack decided to continue to do the trek and began preparations despite still recovering from Hepatitis E which knocked him back 9 months previously. The trek was carried out on the 10-11th March and Jack admitted it was a struggle but stated that “every step of those 107kms were worth it for the tiger.”

“Jack’s dedication and passion for the cause is an inspiration and to work with him throughout this process has been an honour” says TigerTime campaign executive Chantelle Henderson.

Jack showed his support for TigerTime in this incredible way. You can also help TigerTime in many different ways. We have a downloadable fundraising pack here which is full of leaflets, money boxes and posters. So why not have a cake sale, fun run or pub quiz for TigerTime?

TigerTime is so grateful not only to Jack, but to all of our supporters. If you have signed the petition, shared it with your friends, donated, bought merchandise or held a fundraising event – Thank you.

You can read Jack’s full account of his run here.

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