Rhino 911 – In the Air for Rhinos

Rhino 911 – In the Air for Rhinos

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Rhino 911 – In the Air for Rhinos

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation proudly funds Rhino 911 – a volunteer run rapid response helicopter unit that provides vital aid to injured or vulnerable rhinos that are often victims of poaching.

This month, on 15 November 2018, David Shepherd’s granddaughter and DSWF’s Head of Programmes and Policy Georgina Lamb, along with and her sister and DSWF Art Ambassador Emily Lamb volunteered their time to support Rhino 911 on a rhino horn-trimming procedure. What promised to be a positive day in efforts to protect rhinos was instead a stark reminder of the brutal reality behind the statistics.

Approximately three rhinos are killed every single day in South Africa alone.

In just a few hours the team discovered numerous recent and fresh carcasses and were called to the aid of a desperate and vulnerable calf, whose mother had been slaughtered for her horn. After a successful rescue, Georgina broke the news to the team:

“This is possibly one of the most heart-breaking days I have ever experienced,” said Georgina. “We’re so sad to have to share such horrible news with our supporters, but this really does show why our work is so important. When the orphan rhino was named David as thanks for our support, we were all in tears.”

Please help us to support Rhino 911 to keep their rescue helicopter flying.

A donation of just £10 could fund enough fuel to keep them flying for 10 minutes. 

This could mean the difference between the life or death of another precious rhino. Thank you.

Minimum Price: £5.00





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