We always welcome supporters who want to get involved, raise funds and spread the word. We’re a small charity and the more people who get involved, the more we can do to support our projects.

Become a Wildlife Warrior

You could challenge yourself for wildlife. We have a number of events to capture your interest from the iconic London Marathon to more local events. Discover them all here. 

Become a Volunteer Fundraising Ambassador

We have a network of Regional Volunteer Fundraising Ambassadors who organise a full range of events around the UK and are always looking for people to join them. Or become an Ambassador yourself. We have lots of great ideas to help you. Download our FREE FUNdraising pack by clicking here

Become a Regional Volunteer Fundraising Ambassador (RVRA)

We have a network of RVFA’s around the UK and we would love to have more!! The RVRA organise a wide variety of activities in their areas, from garden parties to car boot sales, sponsored drives to talks and whatever they enjoy! If this is something that you would be interested in doing, or if you would like to help your local RVRA, please get in touch with Amanda.butler@davidshepherd.org


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