Help Us Stop the Hidden Killers

Help Us Stop the Hidden Killers

An estimated 90% of animals caught in snares and traps are left to rot. Help us stop the hidden killers that are destroying wildlife populations across Africa. 

Together, we can turn the suffering into something positive.

Traps and snares are simple devices that are amongst the largest and most indiscriminate killers of wildlife in Africa. Snares are nothing more than a piece of wire, shaped in a loop and anchored down. They are the near perfect killing machines: simple, cheap, easy to make and nearly impossible to escape. Once caught, the animal struggles for freedom, making the wire grow tighter, and as its wounds grow deeper the animal suffers a slow and agonising death.

DSWF fund ranger patrols in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda every day, walking thousands of kilometres and removing thousands of traps and snares from use. In areas where we are able to support regular patrols, ranger’s report where once they would remove hundreds of traps and snares on one patrol, now there may only be one or two. These vital landscapes are now much safer places for endangered wildlife to roam.

Together we can end the needless suffering

Local teams then ensure that these traps and snares are put beyond use and turned into something positive for their communities. Made from high density steel, gin traps require professional dismantling and smelting. The income is then used to fund more anti-poaching patrols and support community programmes. Steel snares are cut into smaller pieces and are used to strengthen the concrete foundations of ranger posts and offices. The better quality wire is used by local enterprise groups to make artwork and jewellery, providing alternative and much needed incomes.

By supporting well equipped rangers who patrol targeted areas every day to remove these hidden killers we can ensure improved protection for endangered wildlife. Since January:

  • DSWF funded rangers in Zimbabwe have recovered more than 600 snares and made more than 214 patrols. We also fund the fitting of anti-snare collars to protect painted dogs.
  • In Zambia rangers have removed 126 snares.
  • Rangers in Uganda have removed approximately 200 gin traps, along with snares and spears due to increased manpower and patrolling new areas previously without any coverage.

But we need to do more. With your help, we can train and equip more rangers to carry out these vital patrols and fund the destruction of traps and snares to save innocent wildlife from a slow and painful death.

To help make your gift go further a generous supporter has offered to match the first £10,000 in donations*. Like you, they recognise how important funding the daily patrols and removal of snares and traps is to the survival of Africa’s wildlife.

*All donations up to and including September 12th 2017 – or until the matching pot is used up. Gift Aid can be applied to your unmatched donation.
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