Be The Change

Be The Change

2020 will be a defining decade for humankind and how we choose to act. One million species are now on the verge of extinction, it is our actions that will determine the fate of our precious wildlife.

A new decade also presents a new opportunity. The opportunity to Be a Change Maker for wildlife and turn the tide on extinction.

Together we can make 2020 the decade of change. The alternative is far too grim. The natural world no longer rests on the edge of extinction. It has toppled over the edge.

The stats are alarming and…

Time is running out

One elephant is shot every 20 minutes for their ivory.
At current poaching rates, Africa’s rhinos could be extinct in the coming decades.
96% of the world’s tiger population has been wiped out in the last 100 years.
Only 6,500 painted dogs remain across Africa.
Over 300 pangolins are taken from the wild every day.
As few as 4,000 snow leopards remain in the wild.
In just 20 years, African lion populations have fallen by 43%.
One chimpanzee is stolen from  the wild every four hours.

THIS needs to change.

Be a Change Maker!

DSWF is committed to protecting each-and-every one of these iconic African and Asian species.

Join us, be the change you want to see in the world. Be a Change Maker. Donate today!






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