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Would you like to know more about the endangered animals that we support at DSWF? Whether you are learning for fun or have a project to do for school, we have all the information you need in our animal factsheets!

Feel like getting arty, our animal colouring sheets are just a click away. We also have species word searches for young puzzlers and for those who like them a little trickier! 

You can help all of these wild animals by making an adoption for your friends or adding a DSWF adoption to your Christmas wish list.

Elephant Species Gallery

Why not take a look at our gallery of elephant photos, find out how elephants cool off in the heat of the day, what an elephant dust bath looks like, and how they can make themselves look even bigger by spreading out their ears! There’s lots of elephant behaviour and adaptations to discover in these fantastic photos.

Pangolin Species Gallery

Pangolins are shy creatures who are very tricky to spot in the wild but don’t worry we have put together a gallery of photos so that you can see what they get up to! Find out why some people call them ‘walking pinecones’, why they’re not an easy meal for predators and how if you’re an ant or a termite a visit from a pangolin means trouble!

Tiger Species Gallery

Welcome to our gallery of tiger photographs! Have you ever wondered just how long a tiger’s canine teeth really are, how a large orange stripy cat can really be camouflaged, or whether tigers really do like water? Have a look at our collection of tiger photos and discover the answers! From a tiger cooling itself in a river to an Amur tiger in a snowy forest, there are some terrific tigers to see!

Painted Dog Species Gallery

Curious about these amazing animals? We’ve put together a gallery of images of painted dogs playing, stalking and just hanging out with the pack! You can really see why people call them painted dogs when you look at the incredible markings on their coats. These markings help them to be camouflaged so that they can get close to prey animals without being spotted, and stay hidden from predators like lions and hyenas, take a look at the gallery and see for yourself!

Snow Leopard Species Gallery

Snow leopards are very tricky to spot in their mountain habitat due to their incredible camouflage, luckily we have rounded up these photos which make it a lot easier for you to see these beautiful big cats! There is one photo in the gallery that might have you searching for them for a while though! See if you can spot the snow leopards in all the pictures!

Lion Species Gallery

Welcome to our lion gallery, we’ve gathered together photos of these incredible big cats, from their wonderfully camouflaged coats and toothsome jaws to majestic manes and cute cubs, they’re all here so that you can discover more about lions and their behaviour.

Chimpanzee Species Gallery

Find out about chimpanzee behaviour in our gallery of photographs. Discover these amazing great apes as they feed, climb trees and look after their young, as well as some young chimpanzees playing while they practise vital tree climbing skills! There’s plenty to see in our gallery of chimps!

Rhino Species Gallery

Welcome to our rhino photo gallery, discover three of the five rhino species: the black rhino and white rhino from Africa, and the greater one-horned rhino from Asia, as they feed, rest and run! Take a look at their feathery pals, the oxpeckers, and find out how they help keep rhino skin clean and healthy!