Early Years Foundation Stage

The following talks and workshops are designed for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – please see the details below for national curriculum links.

DSWF visits schools and delivers these talks, workshops, or assemblies free of charge in order to raise awareness about endangered wildlife and conservation.

All talks are 20 minutes, including a question and answer session.

Extraordinary Elephants 

Find out all about the world’s largest land mammal, what makes elephants so amazing and why they need our help.

If you would like to, you can then choose to do the following workshop: Make your own elephant mask (40 minutes).

Terrific Tigers 

Learn about the biggest cat in the world, what makes tigers so special and why they need our help.

If you would like to, you can then choose to do the following workshop: Make a tiger face (40 minutes).

Either the tiger and elephant talk can be given as an assembly suitable for EYFS and Key Stage 1 combined.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Link

Communication and language

Listening attentively in different situations, responding with relevant comments, questions or actions. Giving attention to what others say and responding appropriately, while engaged in another activity.

Following instructions involving several ideas or actions. Answering ‘how’ or ‘why’ questions about their experiences and in response to stories or events.

Personal, social and emotional development

Self-confidence and self-awareness – children are confident to try new activities. They are confident to speak in a familiar group and will choose the resources they need for the activity

They adjust their behaviour to different situations and take changes of routine in their stride.

Understanding the world

Finding out about similarities and differences in relation to places… and living things. How environments might vary from one another. Making observations of animals.

Expressive arts and design

Exploring and using media and materials: Exploring a variety of materials and techniques, experimenting with colour and design.

*Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/national-curriculum

To make a booking or for any questions you may have, please email DSWF’s Education Manager Mark Ellis.