DSWF at your school

Please note that whilst we are not able to visit schools at the moment due to the current situation with Covid-19, we are very pleased to be able to offer free, key stage appropriate virtual visits to schools, as well as talks to support remote learning.

In the event of a lockdown and/ or remote learning, we can provide online talks to your classes.

For more information please email our Education Team: education@davidshepherd.org

Free wildlife talks and workshops

We visit schools to provide free of charge assemblies, talks and workshops to raise awareness about endangered wildlife and conservation.

At DSWF we believe that the young people of today are the wildlife guardians of tomorrow. We aim to inform, encourage and inspire children, in the hope that when they grow up they will have an interest in the natural world that will last a lifetime.

Our list of key stage appropriate talks and workshops, along with the curriculum links, can be found below.

To make a booking or for any questions, please email DSWF’s Education Team.  

Please note: Geographical restrictions apply to school visits. Talks for cubs, scouts, brownies, guides and adult groups are also available on request.

Teacher feedback

“We loved the interaction in the assembly… The link to habitats was perfect because it covers all three year group’s science curriculum.”

Gemma Stevenson, Ewhurst School

The children were so inspired, they started to write tiger facts and we had a tiger themed show and tell. Your session was perfect, just the right length of time on the carpet and the mask making was great.”

Maria Mayes, Woodlea Primary

It was lovely having you and the children really enjoyed the session… it was very organised, the right length for the children’s age and lovely activities. I am already thinking about next year!”

Carla Scarpato, St Francis Ventnor

Feedback from children from David Shepherd at their School

We had fun making the animal habitats… when I grow up, I want to work at an animal charity and help animals.”

“I really enjoyed your talk about the endangered animals and I never knew that there were not many tigers left.”

Global Canvas

You may also be interested in Global Canvas, our annual children’s art competition – A free group entry competition with the final held at the Natural History Museum. 

If you are interested in choosing us as your school’s charity of the year, you can find out more by contacting the DSWF team.

DSWF offers curriculum-relevant content for all ages. Please click on the sections below to find out more.