"“Alongside our origin this is the most important time in our history to be a human being. We have never had such power to create or destroy, and the future of so many of our fellow animals rests on a knife's edge. The images we see of the current state of our planet, while important, can often leave people with a dangerous sense of futility and despair. There is so much wilderness left to protect, and this can only be achieved if we believe it can. I am honoured to be a part of a conservation initiative that not only actively protects wildlife, but does so through the celebration of its beauty”"

DSWF Art Ambassador - James Kydd

When he was six years old James left the shores of England for the great unknown of Africa.

My favourite book at the time was Maurice Sendak’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. When young Max is sent to bed without supper, he finds his room morphing into a prehistoric jungle with a host of bizarre creatures as his new companions; and a fantastic adventure ensues. That’s what it was like for me: one day I was watching cows chew the cud in Derbyshire’s meadows, and a week later I was listening to the roar of wild lions in the African savannah. I felt an instant and powerful connection to the wilderness, and it’s a primordial feeling that tugs at me whenever I am outside her bounds. I have subsequently dedicated my life to sharing this connection with others in the belief that through re-uniting people with the natural rhythms of the earth, we stand the greatest chance of protecting her wildness.”

James has spent fifteen years in the field across five continents working as a professional guide, wildlife photographer and bespoke travel planner. His strongest passion is around big cats and the art of tracking. This has led him to guide trips beyond Africa and into the Pantanal for jaguars, to Patagonia for pumas and to the Himalayas for snow leopards, where he filmed the first complete sequence of a snow leopard hunting its prey.

His photographs have won international awards and have featured in numerous publications including National Geographic. He is the photographer for National Geographic’s Okavango Wilderness Project, for which he recently undertook a 2400km canoe expedition of the Okavango Delta in a bid to secure protection for its headwaters.

He is the founder of Rangerdiaries.com, a portal for nature guides to share their wildlife stories globally and connect people to conservation in a positive, visual way.

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