Adopt a Snow Leopard

Scientists estimate that between 4000 – 6,500 snow leopards remain in the wild. It is likely the snow leopard will be extinct before researchers have even had a chance to study Asia’s most elusive big cat.

Snow leopards have evolved to survive in some of the harshest conditions on Earth, but that isn’t protecting them from the threat of extinction. Their thick grey-white fur coat with black rosettes is the perfect camouflage amidst the Asiatic peaks and plateaus they call home. They slip silently and unnoticed across their diminishing range, but now, the ‘ghost of the mountain’ is in danger of disappearing altogether.  

The enigmatic snow leopard faces a battle for survival on two fronts. Like too many species, they fear only one predator: humans. Hunted for their fur, they are victims of illicit poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. And when forced to prey on livestock, as more natural sources are encroached upon, they also suffer retaliatory killings from human-wildlife conflict. The second threat to them is habitat loss through climate change. Already, it faces losing 30% of its range and habitat in the Himalayas alone. 

DSWF funds vital projects that will directly safeguard the snow leopard’s future. Snow leopard adoption through DSWF is a fun and impactful way you can make a difference too. Adopt a snow leopard from just £3 a month.  

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Snow Leopard

  • Just £3 per month (or £36 per year) could provide vital camera trap equipment to observe and monitor snow leopards.
  • Only £5 per month (or £47 per year) could engage with local communities living alongside snow leopards to support human wildlife co-existence.
  • £10 per month (or £60 per year) could fund vital research monitoring snow leopard populations in Mongolia.

What’s Included When You Adopt a Snow Leopard 

  • Adoption Pack: You’ll get a personalised certificate, a species fact sheet and animal bio sheet, a photograph and a copy of our latest Wildlife Matters magazine.
  • Snow Leopard Print: A beautiful sketch of a snow leopard by David Shepherd’s daughter and talented wildlife artist Mandy Shepherd.
  • Snow Leopard Toy: Optional hand-knitted snow leopard toy made by Little Ndaba, a women’s community group in Zambia.

Our adoption packs are only available to be posted within the UK. Alternatively you can opt to receive a digital adoption pack via sent email (print and toy not included).

Threats to the Snow Leopard population

Illegal hunting and poaching

Snow leopards are highly prized for their unique and luxurious fur. Their bones and other body parts are also used in traditional medicine. Despite it being well known such use offers no medical benefits, this violent, illegal trade continues to grow, alongside demand for such products. 

Habitat Loss

Snow leopard habitat is becoming increasingly fragmented. As the human population increases, so does demand for grazing land, cutting off vital wildlife corridors and leaving vulnerable populations cut off. 

Climate Change

Climate change poses the largest, single, long-term threat to the survival of the snow leopard. If global temperatures continue to rise, their world can only get smaller. It’s that simple. 

Human-Wildlife Conflict 

As humans encroach on the delicate ecosystems inhabited by snow leopards, their natural prey – such as blue and Argali sheep, are hunted or dispersed by these new communities. This can often result in snow leopards resorting to killing livestock in order to survive, putting them in the crosshairs of farmers and herders. 

How Snow Leopard Adoption Helps

Sponsoring a snow leopard helps fund projects working with local communities to monitor their movements, reduce poaching, and raise awareness of the threats they face. In addition, your support can help us:  

  • Fight to safeguard critical snow leopard habitats from mining and agricultural developments.
  • Protect and connect vital snow leopard home ranges by establishing new protected areas.
  • Engage vulnerable herder communities in snow leopard conservation to foster a more peaceful co-exitance between wildlife and people.

Meet our Snow Leopard species ambassador, Dagina

adopt a snow leopard
Image credit: Bezhad Larry

Dagina, also known as the ‘Super Mum’ of the snow leopards, resides at high altitudes, in the mountains of Tost Tosonbumba Nature Reserve, a protected area for snow leopards, which DSWF helped establish, alongside our conservation partners and the Mongolian government. Tost Tosonbumba Nature Reserve is now one of the world’s largest continuous protected snow leopard habitats, and providing a safe refuge for these silver felines.

Dagina is one of the most well studied snow leopards in history, she has been tracked by our ground-based conservation partners the Snow Leopard Trust (SLT) since her birth in 2009. Since then, Dagina has had four known litters of cubs hence her nickname of ‘Super Mum’ having her latest litter at the age of 10 years old!

By adopting Dagina today, you are helping DSWF secure a future for these shy big cats by preventing snow leopard habitat loss as a result of climate change and other issues, as well as mitigating the human-wildlife conflict.

Support us by protecting these beautiful animals and stay up to date on all the latest snow leopard news!

Why your adoption is so important

Since the 1990s, DSWF has funded community outreach and education initiatives in Mongolia, alongside snow leopard population research and monitoring. Your snow leopard adoption will allow us to continue this vital work.

It is likely most of us will never have the privilege of seeing a snow leopard in the wild, but there is wonder in knowing they exist in the uncharted mountains of Asia, and we must do all we can to protect them,” Georgina Lamb, DSWF Chief Executive.

As a species, snow leopards around the world are dancing dangerously close to death’s door, your adoption could help us secure a brighter future for Asia’s apex predators. 

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