Costa Rican Cloud Forest


Costa Rican Cloud Forest

Cy Baker

Overall Winner

Costa Rican Cloud Forest
Cy Baker
Biro & Oil
Artwork Size (cm)
160 x 70 cm



Cy Baker was lucky enough to visit Costa Rica recently and says: “I was utterly bowled over by the sheer complexity and inter-dependence of all life we saw there, especially in its cloud and rain forests. How such apparent chaos can form a finely tuned balance that is so beautiful is the inspiration for this piece – “Costa Rican Cloud Forest”. There are multiple species of plants and birds.”


“We live in a time where most of the world is finally waking up to the environmental crisis we’ve brought into being”. Cy Baker sees his job, as an artist, as spreading the message of how valuable, beautiful and fragile our planet is. Cy attempts to do this by capturing and communicating some of the raw, spiritual emotion felt when interacting with the natural world. He cannot capture the way these moments touch his soul, in words, photographs or music, so he tries to do so in the only way he knows how, through his art. In short, it’s the raw, spiritual beauty of our planet that moves Cy to create art.