Sponsored by Silversurfers

The wonderful world of winged creatures is diverse, complex and fascinating. Birds, bees, butterflies and bats all experience the planet from a different perspective, soaring above our oceans, crossing vast desert plains and making their homes in unusual locations. Many winged species travel thousands of miles across the continents each year during their migration to breed and raise young without the pressure of competition for nesting sites and food. These journeys become more and more perilous due to human behaviour and development, with many routes now posing huge threats to migrating birds.

The ‘Wings’ category shows the extraordinary variety of winged wildlife on our planet, including birds and insects, in flight or at rest.

Silversurfers are proud to be supporting David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) by sponsoring the ‘Wings’ category for their prestigious Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. The competition and exhibition showcases some of the best wildlife art from around the world and we are looking forward to seeing artist submissions featuring the extraordinary variety of winged wildlife. As a long-term supporter of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation we are delighted to be involved, helping to protect endangered wildlife across Asia and Africa.” Martin Lock, Silversurfers