Earth's Wild Beauty

Sponsored by Moore Barlow

Our planet is an inspiring tapestry of contrasting habitats and landscapes, providing homes to a host of different animals, plants, trees and insects. Human beings share this planet with a huge variety of species and everyday moments of beauty occur as the land and wildlife that lives within it adapts to survive the extremes of nature.

The ‘Earth’s Wild Beauty’ category is a celebration of Earth’s wild landscape, seascapes and all that live in them. From lush, leafy rainforests to harsh deserts, the highest snowy mountain tops and isolated frozen tundra – every inch of the world is inhabited by life and wild beauty in some form.

“As a long-standing partner of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), we are thrilled to support Wildlife Artist of the Year for another year. This fantastic event exposes the beauty and vulnerability of our world’s wildlife whilst also highlighting the importance of DSWF’s work across Africa and Asia. Moore Barlow is proud to be involved.” Moore Barlow