David Shepherd Originals Circle

Where are David Shepherd’s Original artworks now?

Our Founder, David Shepherd, was one of the world’s most talented and prolific wildlife artists who lived and breathed the ‘Art of Survival.’ He travelled and painted widely, inspiring people through his unique artistic talent which captured some of the world’s most precious and endangered wildlife.

DSWF is on a mission to catalogue as many of his original artworks as possible so we can showcase the global reach of his work.

Bringing together David Shepherd original painting owners

To honour David’s considerable art legacy, we are calling on all owners of David Shepherd original artworks to join the David Shepherd Originals Circle. Our aim is to celebrate David’s work together and build an important catalogue of his work around the world – something that has never happened before.

 “We would love to collect stories, anecdotes and tall tales about my father’s adventures, so that memories of his amazing life of art and wildlife can live on. We hope that people who treasure my father’s original artworks will come forward and join our new owners’ circle, to share their stories and experiences with us. It would also be wonderful to build up a picture of where in the world his prized artworks have ended up.”

Melanie Shepherd, DSWF Chair of Trustees

View our online map to find out where all of David’s paintings are around the world.

How do I know if I have a David Shepherd original?

Your artwork is likely to be an original if:

  • It is signed by David Shepherd.
  • The brush or pencil marks are clearly visible.
  • It is open and not behind glass – oil or acrylic paintings, in particular, are rarely enclosed.

Your artwork is NOT an original if:

  • It has a number written in a bottom corner – this is likely to be a limited edition print.
  • It is mounted – generally only prints are displayed in a mount.
  • It has a title or name of the artwork/artist printed at the top or bottom.

However, there are always exceptions to the rules – particularly where original sketches are concerned.

If you are in any doubt, please contact Susie Baxter on 01483 272323 or dswf@davidshepherd.org

David Shepherd Originals Gallery

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Wildlife artist and conservationist, David Shepherd, gained significant fame and financial success during his artistic career.