Journey into Africa from the heart of Scotland

Two friends, 6000 kilometres apart spent 40 days and 40 nights indulging in solitude, art and nature. The result is a wild and beautiful artwork, ‘Mother’ by Emily Lamb.

‘Mother’ is a painting of life, memory, forgiveness and hope,” says wildlife artist, Emily Lamb. The artwork encompasses the magic and warmth that is Africa. As realms of gold and blue dance among clashing oryx, lions roaring, leopards prowling and the iconic African fish eagle in full flight.

Emily, a DSWF Wildlife Art Ambassador and past Artist in Residence at Londolozi, spent lockdown creating ‘Mother’ in Scotland.

Taking advantage of lockdown, Boyd Varty spent 40 days and 40 nights alone in the Londolozi wilderness exploring the delights and delicacies of nature on foot and in isolation.

In what was described as a lightning bolt moment, Emily decided to dedicate the same period of time to painting ‘Mother’, an artwork brewing in her mind’s eye.

Together, but far apart, Emily and Boyd immersed themselves in the wonders of nature and the imagination. While living in the treehouse Boyd kept a podcast of his experiences. 

Emily following in her grandfather, David Shepherd’s footprints, embodies DSWF’s vision the Art of Survival as she uses her paintbrush in service to endangered wildlife and the wildernesses she loves so much. 

“We are blessed with infinite creative potential and clues from nature to invent our ways to live more sustainably with mother earth,” says Emily. “This was my time to stop and be still, and to step up and celebrate the majesty of Africa.”

‘Mother’ is available for sale via our online shop. 50% of the proceeds go to DSWF so that we can continue our vital work protecting deeply threatened species across Africa and Asia. 

Mother artwork by emily lamb

“Full credits go to Bronwyn Varty-Laburn for the vision to merge our journeys into one and to Richard Laburn for creating this incredible video. Thank you to photographer Matthew Armstrong-Ford for the photographs of the painting as I worked,” said Emily. 

“I would like to dedicate this piece to Dan Lawrence for his belief in me when I was lost, and the countless hours he gifted me to find recovery and peace,” says Emily.