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Your support for wild tigers is working!

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Kaziranga’s Tigers Roar to the Top of the Table!
Thanks to your amazing support for our work we are seeing real results for wild tigers. A recent survey has put one of our key tiger project locations, Kaziranga National Park in Assam, at the top of the world’s tiger table with news that the park has the highest density of tigers and the third highest population of tigers in India.
This is great news for Kaziranga and for wild tigers and is indicative of the rich biodiversity and health of the reserve where TigerTime and parent charity (DSWF) have been working for 22 years to help protect the precious wildlife and biodiversity of this unique eco-system.
A royal visit to the park by the UK’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this week (April 12-13) will help shine a light on this important wildlife landscape and all the incredible species that it supports and why it’s so important that we continue our conservation efforts there. Watch out for the news updates!
Tiger Numbers on the Rise
Revised survey figures, released on April 11, have also shown an increased number in the world’s tiger population for the first time in 100 years.
“Whether the figures reflect improved survey methods or a genuine trend in the increase of tiger populations the new figure of close to 3,900 is hugely exciting,” says TigerTime manager, Vicky Flynn. “But we mustn’t take our eye of the ball – this is still a tiny global population and we must continue to support core anti-poaching, community outreach and undercover investigations into wildlife crime, as well as maintain our call for an end to tiger trade to ensure that tiger’s thrive in the wild.”
Urgent Action Required to End Tiger Farming and Trade
As part of our continuing commitment to fight for an end to the tiger trade, TigerTime has joined 23 NGOs calling on ministers to commit to a zero tolerance approach to poaching and to tiger trade ahead of this week’s meeting of tiger range countries in New Delhi. Read more here
It’s a busy week for tigers. Thank you again for making the world a more positive place for these charismatic cats. Please, if you are able, help us continue this work by making a donation here
Thank you for your support
We know that the future of wild tigers is safe in your hands
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