Lion Facts

What is a lion?

A lion (Panthera Leo) is a carnivorous big cat which lives in areas in Africa and India.

How many lions remain in the wild?

Less than 20,000 lions remain in Africa today.

Where can lions be found?

Lions range in Sub-Saharan Africa and Western India.

What is a lion’s habitat?

Lions have a diverse habitat excluding desert and tropical rainforests although are typically found in savanna grasslands.

How many lions live in a pride?

Prides vary and can have up to 3 males and a dozen females.

What is the structure of a pride?

Normally lionesses within a pride will be related to one another and will stay in the pride for life. Young males leave the pride hoping to establish a pride of their own by driving out other older or more dominant males.

What does a lion eat?

Lions are carnivores and feed on large to medium mammals such as impala, zebra and wildebeest.

What is the lion’s IUCN Status?

Lions are listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List.

What are lion parts used for?

As tiger populations have been driven to near extinction, lions have emerged as a suitable substitute for consumption in Asia. Lion bones are used in traditional Asian medicines for the belief they cure disease and replenish the body’s ‘essential energy’.

What is ‘canned hunting’?

Canned hunting is the process of hunting animals in confined areas where they cannot escape. Born in captivity, lion cubs are taken away from their mothers and exploited in petting zoos to unknowing volunteers and tourists. When they come of age, they are released into caged compounds and hunted by high paying clients. In South Africa, there are 200 captive breeding farms with around 6,000 animals destined for this gruesome fate. Read more about other threats to lions here.

How long do lions live?

Lions typically live between 10-14 years in the wild.

How much do lions weigh?

Lions typically weigh 265lbs – 420lbs. (120kg – 191kg). 

What is a group of lions called?

A group of lions is known as a ‘pride’ – a pride of lions.

World Lion Day is celebrated annually on 10 August.

Why not use this as your chance to fundraise to help protect lions from extinction?