How DSWF is protecting lions

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) is funding a programme to investigate and protect lion populations in two of Uganda’s key wildlife areas.

Africa’s lions are under threat and, with little known about the lions of Uganda, DSWF funding will help conservationists better understand the issues and threats faced by the populations in the country. The teams will work to establish whether the South Murchison Falls Conservation Area holds the largest population of lions in the country and how many lions survive in Kidepo Valley National Park in the northeast.

This project aims to determine the size and range of Uganda’s lion population and evaluate the threats to them. A number of lions are being collared and assessed by vets as part of this work.

DSWF has been funding conservation in Uganda since 1998 supporting the work of the Uganda Conservation Foundation.

How DSWF is protecting lions in Uganda

DSWF supports lion research and park protection initiatives in the Kidepo Valley and in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.

By research and monitoring projects, our funding is supporting a comprehensive study into the genetic distribution of lion populations, the park carrying capacities and the major threats facing wild lions in the country. Furthermore, we are supporting anti-poaching and park protection projects to give lions the greatest possible chance to thrive in their natural habitat.

DSWF is committed to addressing the threats faced by this iconic species by fighting, protecting and engaging on behalf of lions. Read more about other threats to lions.

Anti-poaching initiatives in Uganda

We fight to protect lions by funding vital anti-poaching initiatives such as building ranger posts, equipping and training rangers and providing them with transport to protect key lion habitats and remove life threatening poaching snares and traps for bushmeat.

We are also supporting ranger units in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda, which will carry out targeted patrols and support all types of wildlife emergency call-outs.

Collaring lions in Kidepo Valley

Through field-based conservation projects, DSWF is working to protect lion populations.

By funding research and monitoring surveys such as the collaring of lions in the Kidepo Valley in Uganda, through this programme we can start to understand the genetic distribution of lion populations to maximise the park’s potential and to avoid conflict with surrounding communities.

Ranger welfare programmes

DSWF engages in ranger welfare programmes to foster healthy encounters and interactions with lion populations and the communities neighbouring them.

We also work with government wildlife agencies to engage and share research data to inform conservation strategies.

How your donation to DSWF will allow us to continue to help protect lions.

  • Wildlife Ranger training and welfare programmes supporting the brave men and women on the front line in Uganda
  • Collaring of individual lions to monitor key behaviours and pride patterns in Uganda
  • Monitoring to establish lion territories, distributions and interactions with local communities
  • Law enforcement operations and anti-poaching patrols to ensure lion habitats are protected
  • Undercover investigations into the illegal trade of big cat parts and consumption in Asia.

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