No. 45 – Nick Jones

Original, Painting | 15 × 10 cm | Postcard, Unframed


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TITLE: Icebergs at Dawn

MEDIUM: Acrylic

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Nicholas Jones is a UK based painter whose work explores our relationship with the natural world. Nick’s paintings address themes of connection, vulnerability, intimacy, trust, longing, wonder and silence. His paintings are rooted in a deep desire to be more present to the endless encounters, both intimate and sublime, that come towards us when we step outdoors with hearts and eyes that are wide open. His iceberg paintings offer a haunting glimpse of the fragility and magnificence of the Arctic, a region of our world under immense stress because of global heating, and on whose wellbeing we all depend.

#SKETCHFORWILDLIFE: Each year, the talented artists who take part in DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year are invited to participate in #SketchForWildlife. These small postcard sized original artworks give everyone a chance to own a totally unique piece of work, by a highly sought-after collection of artists.

The postcards have always been extremely popular and we hope you will support this initiative. The subject and medium of the postcard has been left entirely up to the artist, just being their own celebration of the natural world.

DELIVERY INFORMATION: This piece will be posted to buyers after conclusion of the exhibition on 16 September 2023. UK delivery costs are included in the price. International postage may incur additional costs that will be confirmed after purchase.

CONSERVATION CONTRIBUTION: 100% of the proceeds from this sale will support the charitable work of David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) and our ground-based conservation partners across Africa and Asia.