How DSWF is protecting Rhinos

Rhinos are one of the oldest living creatures on the planet and have lived on earth for over 40 million years.

However, in less than a decade more than 8,800 rhinos have been lost to the poaching epidemic sweeping across Africa and Asia with their horn now rivalling the price of gold on the black market.

The illegal wildlife trade, combined with habitat destruction and human encroachment, have pushed rhinos to the brink of extinction. 

Rhino populations have decreased dramatically throughout Africa and Asia and have never been in more need of protection. 

How DSWF helps to protect rhinos

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) have been proud supporters of both the African rhino and the Indian one-horned rhino since our inception in 1984.

By supporting monitoring and research-based projects, anti-poaching and species protection operations and translocation programmes across both Africa and Asia, we continue to provide an unwavering voice for rhinos in the wild. 

Adopting a holistic approach to conservation, DSWF fights, protects and engages on behalf of rhinos and other endangered species across Africa and Asia.

DSWF provides vital funds to our ground-based project partners in Africa and Asia to support anti-poaching and rhino protection initiatives on the frontline of conservation efforts.

We also work alongside colleagues to influence policy and ensure the toughest legislation measures are enacted to protect rhinos in the wild and fight for an end to all trade in rhino horn.

Research monitoring programmes for desert-adapted black rhino in Namibia

As well as supporting anti-poaching and protection teams DSWF also fund research and monitoring programmes in Namibia (the last stronghold population of desert-adapted black rhinos) to collate vital data on the remaining populations which is imperative to their survival and to help inform government and conservation protection strategies.

Protecting Asian rhinos

In Asia we fund park protection measures to ensure the security of vital rhino populations.

DSWF has always believed that education and community participation is fundamental in ensuring a sustainable future for both people and wildlife.

The Foundation continues to work alongside communities in rhino range states and internationally to promote the importance of rhino conservation.

DSWF has long funded demand reduction campaigns around the consumptive use of rhino horn products.

With your donations, DSWF will continue to support:

  • Anti-poaching and anti-trafficking ranger patrols to ensure key rhino habitats are protected from poaching and illegal wildlife activity
  • Wildlife Ranger training and welfare programmes supporting the brave men and women on the front line across Africa and Asia
  • Demand reduction campaigns around the consumptive use of rhino horn
  • De-horning and other anti-poaching mitigation techniques aimed at protecting vanishing rhino populations
  • Monitoring and research patrols to better inform rhino conservation strategies and behaviour patterns in Namibia
  • K-9 anti-poaching dog patrols to help avert and detect poaching incidences in India
  • Translocation activities to ensure rhino populations are safe and thriving
  • Educational workshops to communities in rhino bearing areas to foster interest and awareness in rhino conservation
  • Legal and judicial workshops to ensure poaching and trafficking suspects are successfully detained and prosecuted
  • Intelligence networking to report on illegal trade routes being used for rhino horn
  • Equipping front line staff with field equipment including raincoats and boots.

You can support our work to save rhinos from extinction by donating today.