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Celebrate Russian Tiger Day!


We’ll be joining our Russian colleagues this weekend to help mark their annual Tiger Day, which is celebrated on the  last Sunday of September (29th).

First celebrated in Vladivostok in 2000 to raise awareness and support for the Amur tiger, the day has grown to include a parade of 4,000 people and become a regional holiday! The festivities have spread across Russia and even to the Chinese town of Hunchun.

Take a look at the work we fund in Russia– including anti-poaching operations, educational awareness programmes, community work, environmental workshops and training programmes.

While the people of Russia and China celebrate this beautiful big cat, we’ll be helping to raise awareness too with a street collection on Guildford High Street, Surrey (UK) at 10am – 1pm on Saturday 28th September. So…how will you celebrate?


Get involved and help raise much needed awareness and funding to save the tiger in the wild.

Here’s how you can help:

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