How DSWF is protecting western chimpanzees

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) works with ground-based conservation partners, the Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC) in Guinea, who provide vital rescue, rehabilitation and release programmes for illegally trafficked chimps.

They also lead educational initiatives attempting to reduce the local demand and raise awareness about the serious consequences of the illegal wildlife trade. Educators communicate the strict legal repercussions of wildlife crime, and the importance of conservation to aid the protection of this incredible species.

Adopting a holistic approach to conservation, DSWF fights, protects and engages on behalf of chimpanzees and other endangered species.

Chimpanzee rescue

DSWF provides vital funds for the emergency rescue of chimps who have been captured, injured or escaped from the illegal wildlife trade. From vehicle hire to food for the rescuers and the chimp, DSWF supports CCC, giving these animals the best possible chance of survival.

DSWF also provides funding for a motorbike to ensure a dedicated and skilled member of CCC can be rapidly deployed when news comes in of a chimp in need of rescue, or in response to undercover information of a possible illegal chimp transaction.

Through providing funds to CCC, DSWF supports the overall protection of chimpanzees, ensuring that rescued chimps are rehabilitated and released back into the wild and given a second chance at survival.

Chimpanzee education outreach

An essential part of preventing illegal wildlife trade comes from education and outreach to remote communities who can often see the industry as their only opportunity for income.

Funding from DSWF directly supports CCC’s education initiatives, reaching these remote communities most likely to become involved in the illegal trade of chimpanzees, educating them about the dire legal consequences of chimp slaughter and capture.

Educators also work with the children of communities living alongside chimpanzees, teaching them the value of the species and the positive impact on the environment to ensure future generations grow up with a positive perception of wildlife and the natural world.

With your donations, DSWF will continue to support:

  • Educational materials and transport costs for community and school group visits on the protection of chimpanzees and the illegal chimpanzee trade
  • Emergency missions to rescue chimpanzees trafficked into the illegal trade
  • Operational costs for the ongoing rehabilitation and release of rescued and orphan chimpanzees back into the wild.

You can support our work to save chimpanzees from extinction by donating today.