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Introducing Team DSWF London Marathon 2017

The DSWF 2017 London Marathon Team has assembled! Please support these big-hearted people running for wildlife on April 23.

The DSWF 2017 London Marathon Team has assembled! Please support these big-hearted people running for wildlife on April 23.

Ben Simpson

“I have had a lifelong passion for wildlife and have always greatly admired the work of DSWF. When my daughter saw the DSWF images of snow leopards she asked me if I could help them, so here I am.

Visit Ben’s fundraising page here


Joe Moriarty

“Although I love all animals, the tiger is my favourite. To see what humans have done to this beautiful and magnificent animal is heart breaking. That’s why I feel so privileged to be able to run for DSWF and TigerTime who work so tirelessly to fight for the tiger’s survival.

“I have never run the marathon before, so this will be a huge challenge for me! I have some hobbies to keep fit including going to the gym, playing football, boxing and dancing.”

Visit Joe’s fundraising page here

John Musker

“I am thrilled to be supporting DSWF through a golden-bond place for the London Marathon. Last year I played the part of Shere Khan in a production of Jungle Rock (the Jungle Book set in the sixties with classic rock and roll hits). I still have the marvellous costume for Shere Khan which I will be wearing and raring/roaring to go on race day!”

Visit John’s fundraising page here

Louie Langley

“Having been involved with the DSWF Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia which my company raises funds for and being an avid animal lover myself, it seemed a perfect match to raise money for DSWF and to spread awareness of the amazing work that the charity does.

“This will be my first marathon and I can’t wait to run for such a great charity.”

Visit Louie’s fundraising page here

Matthew Levett

“Wildlife conservation is something I hold dear to my heart. The damage to animal species and habitats is horrific and saving these is vital in my eyes. To raise awareness and funds by running for DSWF will be amazing.”

Visit Matthew’s fundraising page here


Lucy Kolodynska

“I heard about DSWF through my friend and was keen to run for a cause for the protection of endangered animals. I’m particularly passionate about the protection of elephants and I also think that their education projects teaching young people about the importance of protecting animals is a great way to encourage them into conservation, hopefully discouraging young people to take a route into poaching.”

Visit Lucy’s fundraising page here

Run With Us!

Already got a public ballot for the London Marathon? Why not run for endangered species with DSWF and join our wildlife warrior fundraising team or register your interest for the 2018 London Marathon. Email [email protected]

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