Within a World

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Within a World is a beautiful 360-degree, 80ft panoramic painting by artist Emily Lamb, David Shepherd’s eldest granddaughter. Based on her personal journey growing up within the world of conservation and art, the piece is a wakeup call to reinvent ourselves in nature and our relationships with all sentient beings on this planet.

Inspired by Henry Beston’s quote;

“We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals.”

Emily wanted to commit to her intention and integrity as an artist and open up a space for creating something new and something different that would translate this message through her own vision and interpretation of its meaning.

Emily generously donated all proceeds of the sale of this stunning artwork to raise vital funds to save wildlife and to continue her grandfather’s legacy through the Foundation.

Now in private ownership, this incredible piece is available for purchase, with all proceeds from any future sale donated to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. This is the ultimate artwork for the discerning collector!

Within A World - Lansdowne House

The owners of Within A World have also kindly granted permission for the piece to be made available in the future for corporate hire. This impressive and unique piece is currently on display at Lansdowne House, in Berkeley Square, London.

For all sales and corporate hire enquiries please contact Karen Botha on 01483 272 323 or email Karen.Botha@davidshepherd.org

Teaming up with Sideways Production Company in Cornwall, Emily wanted to speak out, “via the medium of paint and film, to positively relay the message that we are all one being; that we are all connected; that we must all take responsibility for our own actions; and that we must all stand up for what we believe in.”

“As a species, we charge into a consumer driven and frenetic future, and often give little patience and comfort to those who risk falling into the shadows. There may be instrumental individuals who dream big and action change, but never has there been a significant movement realised without the involvement of many, and this was at the core of ‘Within a World’s’ creation.” This is what Emily believes in, and this is how “each brush stroke bled it’s colour, and each image came to life.”

DSWF, David Shepherd Grand Daughter, Art, Conservation