Vivid Elephants

Shoji Terada - Vivid Elephants - 65 x 53 - Acrylic

Vivid Elephants

Shoji Terada

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Vivid Elephants
Shoji Terada
Artwork Category
Earth's Wild Beauty
Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork Size (cm)
65 x 53 cm



After spending his honeymoon in South Africa, Shoji Terada was inspired to create his piece “Vivid Elephants”. Shoji explains “I painted the elephants with simplified lines and colourful colours. The purpose is to make all generations see the beauty and friendliness of elephants at the same time. We believe it is important in wildlife conservation awareness.”


STM Studio was launched with a passion by Shoji and Momoko in 2015, after they visited South Africa on their honeymoon and were fascinated by wildlife including elephants and rhinos. They came up with an approach that combines the beauty of wildlife with the importance of conservation through art and provides both digital and analogue art to conservation organisations and activists around the world.