Unadorned Grace

Unadorned Grace

Unadorned Grace

Carina Kramer

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Unadorned Grace
Carina Kramer
Artwork Category
Facing Extinction
Artwork Size (cm)
28 x 27 cm



A watercolour painting playing with the stunning agile curves of a leopard’s body. “Unadorned Grace” is part of a series of paintings combining a minimalistic gestural approach with life-like realism – underlining the graceful elegance of big cats while incorporating their fading from our world plainly.


Carina Kramer’s passion for the natural life goes back to her early childhood. Coming from a rather large city strongly influenced her early perception of the environment. Following a strong pull she found her way to Africa in 2019 where she got her Field +Trails Guide certificate after immersing herself fully in the African bush for over three months. This experience kindled a different kind of connection to nature putting an even stronger focus on the conservation of the wildlife. She is honoured to have been a part of the renowned DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition four years in a row (2017 to 2020).