Tiger In Danger

Tiger In Danger

Minjung Kim

Tiger In Danger
Minjung Kim
Artwork Category
Facing Extinction
Drawing, Acrylic Paper, Frame, and Magnet
Artwork Size (cm)
89 x 42 x 29 cm x 2kg



The artist describes her feelings behind the inspiration of this piece: “The windows are closed tightly as the environment is polluted, but the windows play a role in connecting humans and nature when it is a blue sky. Just as windows are media that open and close by our will, our interest in nature begins with our small actions. Our next generation might call tigers legendary animals, not wild animals”


Minjung Kim tries to explore the inner side of everyone. Many elements of stuffed animals can be seen in Minjung Kim’s work. She wants to preserve not only the appearance, but also the unique emotions, origin, and atmosphere each has. As a result, she came up to work through taxidermy. She was attracted to the hybrid of life and death and started to focus on preserving disappearing memories and emotions. Therefore, she cares about the uncomfortable feeling of extinction and sublimates the fear of disappearing through artwork.