Through the Shadows 2

Through the Shadows 2

Through the Shadows 2

Tichaona Ncube

Through the Shadows 2
Tichaona Ncube
Artwork Category
Facing Extinction
Oil & Acrylic
Artwork Size (cm)
162 x 52 cm



Tich Ncube is a Zimbabwean artist who believes “survival is for both humans and all their surroundings, nature and wildlife”. He goes on to explain his thoughts behind “Through the Shadows 2” – “She’s the breadwinner, she hunts and takes it down for the life of the pride. But her strength, her braveness has put her in the eyes of the enemy. In many cases, people kill lions for their fat and other body parts to perform some serious rituals for fame and honour. This is one of her enjoyable but fierce, “full of rage” looks as she seeks to break through these shadows for her clan’s survival. In reflection through her eyes, she also sees the same struggle being faced by elephants and giraffes, seemingly her prospect meals, but she ponders upon them as one who feels their unseen struggle of survival.”


Tich was born in Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe in 1986. He started drawing as a boy and his art interests began to emerge whilst drawing cattle and wildlife. Tich pursued art as a career at Victoria Falls Art Corner (2002 – 2019) and sold art both locally and internationally. Many of his works are collected by art enthusiastic tourists, inspired by nature and Victoria Falls’s rich, world-class natural beauty. “ My work takes a critical view on human & wildlife issues. I think of my work as inventories of fragments: representational, inviting the viewer to connect back to nature and the relationship we’ve lost with the Creator in hopes of making visible what is overlooked in the historicising of our origins, the natural world. My approach has always been grounded on pleasure and aesthetics. A shared perception reveals that survival is for both humans and all their surroundings, nature and wildlife. ” Tich currently works from a small tented home/studio as a tutor @Art of Africa Zimbabwe. He is also a mentor at @Arts4Animals.