The Stag of Rannoch Moor

David Shepherd, Stag, oil on canvas

The Stag of Rannoch Moor

David Shepherd CBE

The Stag of Rannoch Moor
David Shepherd CBE
Oil on Canvas
Artwork Size (cm)
84 x 54 (framed)

£30,000 (excludes delivery / postage & packing)

One of David’s favourite places was the Scottish Highlands. He delighted in painting this rare subject, with the opportunity to capture the brooding atmosphere of this moorland, where rolling mists give way to fleeting glimpses of these majestic beasts. ‘The Stag of Rannoch Moor’ is a rare and unusual original painting.

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This is a commercial sale through DSWF (Trading Company) with a % commission to DSWF.