The Souls of our Earth Friends

The Souls of our Earth Friends

The Souls of our Earth Friends

Yisoo Kim

The Souls of our Earth Friends
Yisoo Kim
Artwork Category
Human Impact
Light Hearty Clay On Rubbish
Artwork Size (cm)
41 x 26 x 15 cm x 1kg



Yisoo comments: “Environment has been a serious issue since we started indiscriminately developing our technology. Many animals and plants have suffered during the process.” In Yisoo’s artwork “The Souls of Our Earth Friends” Yisoo used discarded cups and clay to represent animals and plant-like figures on them. The creatures represent the dead souls of various wildlife that have been harmed by humans.



Yisoo Kim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She is an aspiring artist interested in creating three-dimensional artworks, exploring the existential meaning of high school angst. The relationship between humans and nature has always interested her in various directions, which allows her to think further about art’s impact on our society.