The Guardian Angels

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The Guardian Angels

Polly Hosp

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The Guardian Angels
Polly Hosp
Artwork Category
Animal Behaviour
Artwork Size (cm)
41 x 34 cm



The family unit is central to the African elephant, herds work together to protect and raise young. Old matriarchs are critical to the survival of these herds, their life experiences etched into their skin. If we look hard enough we can understand their story and feel their struggle. Edition 1 of 3. 


Polly Hosp’s artistic practice is built on a deep connection with the fragile natural world and a passion for the environment. She captures unique wildlife moments with a focus on animal behaviour, movement and storytelling. Building on memories of the Kent countryside, plus over a decade of living in the heart of the African bush, Hosp’s aim is to engage the viewer in big conservation issues through simple joyful imagery. Images emerge through the layering of the printmaking process, where texture and tone create illusions of memories, transporting the viewer to a new place.